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Performance Engineering

EcoBuild offers among its services CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT and TECHNICAL SUPERVISION . Our qualified team of professionals maintains objectivity throughout the entire construction process and guards the interest of all project stakeholders.

Our construction administration teams are comprised of personnel who look beyond drawings and specification requirements and are able to conduct site investigations with a different approach towards construction. That includes commissioning field agents and bringing an intimate knowledge to projects beyond the industry standard.

Our performance engineering services cover:


Construction Management & Technical Supervision

Through project planning, time and cost control, technical supervisions, contract administration and construction management along with quality control and quality assurance, we’re able to carry out a wide variety of large scale projects through the construction industry field.

Commissioning Services

(Commissioning, Re-Commissioning, Retro Commissioning, Existing Facilities Commissioning, Decommissioning, LEED & ESTIDAMA ICA; Enhanced Commissioning)
These services cover all levels of physical and digital commissioning, smart energy management for building operations, ASHRAE energy audits and post-occupancy evaluation, ASHRAE Guideline– HVAC Technical Requirements for The Commissioning Process, and the CIBSE TM31.

Testing Services

Our test procedures allow the client, facility operation staff and contractors to view real time status and issues generated throughout each test. Upon completion of a successful test, our clients possess an accurately documented and clear understanding of how the HVAC system reacts, what the elevator responses are, and how security interaction and lighting control behave under various scenarios. These scenarios include taking a facility from normal operating mode to emergency power and back, and to fire alarm mode and back.


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