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Value Engineering

EcoBuild’s professional team is constantly seeking to perform the best functional project balance to improve performance, construction and life-cycle costs, thus facilitating the project’s operation and maintenance.

Based on SAVE international value methodologies and through process analysis of project functionality and cost standpoint, the multidisciplinary Value Engineering team has delivered several engineering studies, working with clients' design teams to extend the work process and provide them with suitable alternative design suggestions, which help optimize schedules and construction methods.

Our value engineering services cover the following:


Through an independent and objective expert feedback, we enable clients to capture all missing design elements and materials as well as address proper opportunities and possible challenges, all while ensuring all of their projects are compliant with local and international engineering standards. This way, we increase project value and contribute to clients savings in the process.

EcoBuild’s professional team is qualified and profficent at the following standards among others:

  • International Building Code® IBC;
  • International Fire Code®, IFC;
  • International Energy Conservation Code®, IECC;
  • International Plumbing Code®, IMC;
  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers®, ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA
  • Abu Dhabi International Code®, ADIBC, ADICC, ADIMC, ADIECC.

Design Review & Verification (DRV)

Listening to clients’ objectives, discussing design documentation and providing feedback regarding the design of proposed projects are just a few examples of what EcoBuild’s professional team of experienced architects, urban designers, engineers and sustainability experts provide to our clients in a fully integrated design review before and during project construction and throughout all the stages of the design process.

Mentoring & Bid Support

Our experts provide advanced analytics support for clients seeking to win tender contracts covering: early stage master-planning and concept analysis to guide design strategies; integrated assessment of different energy related criteria, and local codes & international standards compliance; Right to light feasibility studies; Bio-climate interrogation to guide suitable renewable and passive choices; and Post Occupancy Evaluation, among others.