Area in Sq.m
3.5 Million
energy saving
68 Million KWh
carbon saving
40 Million KgCo2e
water saving
68 Million Km3


We, at ECOBUILD, believe that functionality, performance, sustainability and cost effectiveness along with accumulated experience should guide our engineering team throughout the life-cycle project, to achieve efficiency and best solutions according to our client's vision and needs.   

ECOBUILD Main Core Services

SPECIALIZED ensuring accuracy on
various engineering solutions optimized for each project using up to date design software, various engineering analysis approached as per the latest codes and standards
expertsand leaders on
wide range of local and international certifications, energy & carbon analysis, modeling and simulation; energy efficiency design; buildings’ commissioning and energy auditing
advisory in innovation & TECHNOLOGIEs on

Renewable Energy
solar and wind power design and ANALYSIS, Evaluates Energy Efficiency, Energy Demands, Carbon Savings, Capital Costs, Annual Operating Costs, Payback Times, Carbon Emission Comparisons
expertsandPROFESSIONAl on
advise and assist in environmental issues such as air quality, environmental impact, noise & vibration, ecology and environmental management. include range of environmental STUDIES, and AUDITING solutions.
expertsand best on
more attractive projects with high return value, act as a magnet for commerce and industry under the holistic approach to include urban, architecture, interior and green products advisory.
specialized with integrated solutions on
range of servicesaddress building performance including: air movement, thermal performance, control of moisture, ambient energy, acoustics, light, climate and biology.


ECOBUILD Featured Projects

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