Area in Sq.m
3.5 Million
energy saving
68 Million KWh
carbon saving
40 Million KgCo2e
water saving
68 Million Km3



Clients trust ECOBUILD’s green design services to provide more attractive projects with high return value, act as a magnet for commerce and industry under the holistic approach to sustainability. We achieve our approach by creating spaces that craft environments where the buildings function as part of the urban ecosystem. We also promote more environmentally conscious and efficient resource management, and actively contribute to the unique needs of the individual user, as well as the wider requirements of the sustainable development principles. Our services include urban planning and designs buildings’ architecture and interior spaces.

sustainable COMMUNITIES

urban design

ECOBUILD covers all types and levels of planning services including URBAN PLANNING, REGIONAL PLANNING, LOCAL AREA PLANNING, URBAN DESIGNS, and URBAN REGENERATION. The entire planning process is covered through its excellent planning services, and goes through several detailed steps to reach a solid output.

green buildings

architectural design

Through extensive knowledge and building research, ECOBUILD aims to inspire clients with memorable efficient projects using up-to-date materials and building analysis software to create a significant environment and a distinguished architectural design that meets the embedded challenges and opportunities of the project, as well as, client's cost and time constraints. 

healthy living environments

interior design

ECOBUILD’s professional interior design team selects / specifies green products, furnishings, fixtures and materials that are appropriate for the client’s project, achieves an environment that visually delights the clients and relates to their needs. The team combines the analysis of social, cultural and spatial influences, which includes responsiveness, participation, acceptability, sustainability and affordability to take the project to completion.


Utilizing our extensive experience and knowledge of the environmental performance of building products and materials, we offer solutions for every stage of the product manufacturing life cycle and we advise you on specifying those that are both fit for purpose and able to improve sustainability. Our solutions eliminate time and effort in due diligence process for selecting green products, and ensure non-toxic products, better health and well-being.

Our Sustainability Profiles Scheme provides independent assessment of the products' environmental performance supported with database designed to help your team in their selection and decision.

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Green products

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