Area in Sq.m
3.5 Million
energy saving
68 Million KWh
carbon saving
40 Million KgCo2e
water saving
68 Million Km3



ECOBUILD provides practical renewable energy solutions such as solar (thin cell, PV), wind, geothermal, or biomass to meet the needs of an ever-changing energy landscape. Our typical renewable energy study evaluates energy efficiency, energy demand, carbon savings, capital costs, annual operating costs, pay back times, carbon emission comparisons and funding options. When specified, we will also include technology comparisons to ensure you can make an informed and easy decision that will guarantee the results you expect. ECOBUILD environment and social specialists ensure renewable projects meet international standards, limiting the effects on their surroundings and taking sustainability into consideration.

Our best solutions for 

Solar energy

Our team of specialists are intimately familiar with practical, real-world details required to design-engineer eminently build-able solar PV systems. Our services include :

  • Conceptual Design and Feasibility 
  • Energy Usage Analyses 
  • Energy Production Estimates 
  • PV Design & Layout 
  • RFP Preparation 
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Solar Engineering - Investigation, Analysis & Design 
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering 
  • Commissioning Support 
  • Independent Engineer Review 
  • Permitting & Applications 

wind energy

We assess and provide a full range of technical and consulting services in planning and executing wind energy projects. 

Our services include:

  • Identification of prospective wind farm sites,
  • Wind power assessment studies and grid impact studies; 
  • Electrical interconnection studies; 
  • Detailed design of complete balance of plant systems; and 
  • Environmental and permitting support.
  • Energy Usage Analyses 
  • Energy Production Estimates 
  • Commissioning Support 
  • Independent Engineer Review 
  • Permitting & Applications

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