Area in Sq.m
2.5 Milliom
energy saving
68 Million KWh
carbon saving
40 Million KgCo2e
water saving
68 Million Km3

We Bring Innovative Solutions to Maintain a Sustainable Future

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Mixed-Use, Housing, Community

Believing in design solutions that are compatible with the client's needs and project location environments, ECOBUILD's well-versed team of experienced engineers is constantly working to provide flexible, pleasant and functional residential facility designs that integrate with the surrounding communities. Through its rich portfolio of housing projects, ECOBUILD has delivered several green rated projects and efficiency design building systems that accommodate different living paradigms, which offer a comfortable style of living and beneficial facilities to all members and their guests.

Our Approach is to include, at a community level, sustainable building features to; improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the built environment and support climate change resilience; improve water efficiency and reduce demand on water resources and infrastructure; and provide economic benefits by minimizing the added costs associated with electricity infrastructure provision needed to meat peak demand.

We Bring Innovative Solutions to Our Clients to Maintain a Sustainable Future

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